Vishal Sikka pays 4 heads million-dollar salaries

Infosys Chief Executive Vishal sikka is paying his top managers more, as an incentive to reach the company’s revenue target of $20 billion by 2020.

Four Infosys presidents — Mohit Joshi, Rajesh K Murthy, Ravi Kumar S, Sandeep Dadlani — and the company’s general counsel, David Kennedy, will now be paid million-dollar salaries.

Their salaries included a higher variable component,Infosyssaid in regulatory filings. Joshi, Murthy, Ravi Kumar and Dadlani will also receive restricted stock units and employee stock options.

Sikka is confident that the company’s top three leaders in sales will be instrumental in achieving their revenue targets. “We are now approaching $10 billion in annual revenue. This quarter we will cross it. So it means three sales presidents are collectively handling more than

$3 billion (worth) of responsibilities. In addition, they have serious global responsibilities,” Sikka said after a recent press conference.

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