Woo voters through Budget sops: 2017 assembly polls is advantage Modi


If the mismanagement of the demonetisation exercise had any negative impact on the fortunes of the BJP in the upcoming assembly elections, the announcement of the Election Commission (EC) of the poll dates in five states would have put those concerns to rest. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the only party that must be fancying itself to make a big mark in the elections.

1. Budget sops

Firstly, with the budget having been advanced to February 1, the government has a wonderful opportunity to woo voters through a slew of poll sops through the budget. All the states going to polls – Punjab, Goa, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Uttarakhand and Manipur- do so after the budget announcement.

If the budget was held as per tradition in the last week of February, the government would have missed the opportunity. But this time, the timing of the budget fits the BJP’s strategy better than it has done for most parties in power at the centre in the past.




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