Adityanath as UP CM: Uttam Pradesh or Yogi Pradesh?

Adityanath follows a strict work ethic but he’ll be challenged by UP’s dismal state-of-affairs

If the overwhelming mandate for the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in Uttar Pradesh surprised many, the party’s choice of Chief Minister – Yogi Adityanath – shocked rival parties, media and some say, even many leaders within the party.

But many locals aren’t too surprised. They believe that Adityanath (named Ajay Singh Bisht by family) is the right person for the job because of his strong work ethic, lifestyle and of course, his credentials as a hindu hardliner.

His 12-by-12 room in the Gorakhnath temple just has one bed and a table. From personally feeding gud (jiggery) to almost 400 cows a day to holding a meeting with locals in the area every morning, Yogi Adityanath or baba, as he is popularly called in the area, has given personal attention to the area.

Baba’s followers believe that he can do no wrong. And even if he does it, it is for the larger good. For example, his daily meetings are held without any bias towards the rich or poor or if one goes by locals, any religion either. People waiting to meet the baba are fed lassi. There is just one condition: don’t lie to the baba. The offender is punished by allowing someone else to cultivate his land for months or could be harsher.

In these meetings, doles are given out for marriages, children’s education, disputes are resolved and so on. The best part: the meeting don’t end till the last person is heard. A local says that half of the disputes get resolved once one party says that he/she is going to baba for resolution.| READ MORE….


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