Not just Air India: Airline association bans unapologetic Sena MP Gaikwad

Air India lodged a complaint with the police against the MP for ‘assaulting’ its duty manage

An association of airlines has today decided that Ravindra Gaikwad, a Shiv Sena MP who assaulted a staff member of Air India, will not be allowed on flights, say sources, according to a report published by NDTV.

Air India has already blacklisted the MP. Tho move has been also supported by budget carrier IndiGo which said it will support any move which bars unruly passengers from flying, a day after Air India said it was mulling preparing a no-fly list.

“We will support a no-fly list,” IndiGo President and Whole Time Director Aditya Ghosh told PTI.

Ravindra Gaikwad was flying on an Air India flight from Pune to Delhi and hit airline’s duty manager Shivkumar with his slippers several times when the latter urged him to deplane at the Indira Gandhi airport.|  Watch: You can watch the video here

Gaikwad, carrying a business class ticket, insisted on taking the airline’s early morning flight AI-852 from Pune to Delhi, which is an all-economy class. This led to an argument with the airline employees in Pune and an assault on the manager by the MP when the aircraft landed in Delhi.

“I dare the Delhi police to arrest me…I will not apologize, he (Air India manager) must come to me and apologize,” Gaikwad told reporters on Friday, claiming that “a 60-year-old man must know how to behave” and suggesting that his party will stand by him.

Air India lodged a complaint with the police against the Shiv Sena MP for “assaulting” its duty manager at Delhi airport, an airline spokesperson said (read full story)


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