Flipkart’s Bansals are officially out of the billionaire club

Net worth may have dropped to $870 mn after Flipkart’s latest funding

Flipkart co-founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are no longer a part of the billionaire club after the company closed a $1.4-billion funding round.

The two men, in their mid-thirties, became India’s first start-up billionaires after Flipkart closed a $700-million round, at a valuation of $15.2 billion, in July 2015. Forbes had then reported they owned 7.5 per cent each in the company, making each of them worth $1.15 billion.

However, with Flipkart’s latest funding round seeing its valuation drop by a little over 23 per cent to $11.6 billion, and if the shareholding of each founder hasn’t changed, their net worth will drop to around $870 million.

Considering that the company was forced to go in for a fresh funding round, the founders’ shareholding is likely to have been diluted further. Hence, it’s clear they are out of the billionaire club.| read more…


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