Milk at Rs 50 a litre: Maharashtra farmers demand higher price from govt

State’s farmers have been protesting for the past 8 days; loan waiver is a key demand


Maharashtra’s farmers have urged the Devendra Fadnavis-led government to ensure realisation from milk at Rs 50 per litre, almost double the price they are currently paid by dairy companies and organised retailers.|

Dairy companies have been paying farmers between Rs 21 and Rs 28 per litre depending upon the supply-demand equations. economy news

Organised dairies, however, sell milk to consumers at Rs 40-50 per litre and unorganised players at Rs 60-70 per litre.

“Prices of animal feed keep rising frequently, which does not get reflected in the milk prices supplied to dairies. So, milk farmers should be paid at least Rs 50 a litre for milk supplied to dairies and organised retailers. Anything below Rs 50 a litre will discourage farmers from milk production,” said Balasaheb Bahawudkar, a farmer in Nashik.

The state’s farmers have been protesting for the past eight days with the closure of mandis. Farmers have been pouring thousands of litres of milk on the roads in protest of lower prices and the recently announced ban on the sale of animals for slaughtering.(read story)



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