Trump wrong about H-1B? Threat of ‘being Bangalored’ illogical: US study

In fact, report says immigration bans will lead to greater outsourcing by US firms


Did US President Donald Trump get his H-1B visa math wrong? A report by a US think tank, the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), thinks he did.

One of the key findings of the report was that fears in the US that H-1B visas granted to foreign workers, especially Indian techies, were draining the job market of opportunities for the natives were exaggerated at best, and, “illogical” if seen in the context of data.

The 9,356 new H-1B petitions for the top seven Indian-based companies approved in financial year 2016 represent “only 0.006 per cent of the US labour force” , the report said, adding that while the “threat of job loss has long been exaggerated by critics, it reaches illogical proportions when discussing fewer than 10,000 workers in an economy that employs 160 million workers nationwide”.

In April this year, Trump signed an executive order called ‘Buy American and Hire American’ to protect the American industry from unfair competition and stop the “misuse” of H-1B visas| economy news

  • The numbers just don’t add up

According to the ‘H-1B Visas by the numbers’ report by NFAP, the April 2017 unemployment rate in the US for “computer and mathematical science” occupations was 2.5 per cent – a very low rate, even lower than the 4.4 percent for “all occupations”, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The unemployment rate for “architecture and engineering” occupations is even lower at 2.1 per cent.| economy policy

  • More jobs than workers
  • Visa restrictions could actually kill more jobs
  • Trump’s lower wages argument may be wrong too





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