Aadhaar mandatory for school kids too! Visit your bank to speed up process

Govt has asked states to complete Aadhaar enrollment of school children by August 31


Centre has asked Karnataka and 15 other states to complete Aadhaar enrollment of school children by August 31 and submit the data to ensure serving of the mid-day meal to them “in a seamless manner.” According to Deccan Herald, this comes as the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry observed that many of these 16 States were lagging far behind in completion of the task, with Nagaland having enrolled just 15 percent of 1,59,449 students to Aadhaar.

In Karnataka, only 70 percent of the total number of students have so far been enrolled to Aaadhar card. A total of 49,10,765 students enrolled in the Government schools in the State.

“The stipulated date for completing 100% Aadhaar enrollment is August 31, 2017. I earnestly suggest the Aadhaar enrollment campaign be given an added thrust by the Government of Karnataka in a time bound manner,” school education department secretary of the HRD Ministry Anil Swarup stated in his letter to Karnataka Chief Secretary Subhash C Khuntia.

As per date with the Ministry, just 23% of the total school students have been enrolled to Aaadhar in Andhra Pradesh, 26% in Uttar Pradesh, 28% Odisha, 42% in Rajasthan, 61% in Madhya Pradesh and 63% in Bihar.(economy news)

West Bengal Government has not shared any update on the Aadhaar enrollment of school students despite HRD Ministry’s “repeated requests and reminders,” an official said.

Aadhaar enrolment centres at banks

To simplify the process, now, one out of 10 bank branches will have Aadhaar enrolment facility. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has asked private as well as public sector banks to set up Aadhaar enrolment facility in at least one out of 10 branches in the coming weeks, a top official has said.

Suitable changes have been made recently in Aadhaar regulations to facilitate this.

At present, there are 25,000 active enrolment centres across the country but they operate from their own premises. However, none of these centres are being operated from bank premises… read full story 


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