‘Grand Stupid Thought’ to 100 years for BJP, 10 things Modi said in Gujarat

The PM told one of the gatherings that the Congress had always betrayed the Gujaratis


From retorting to Rahul’s ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ jibe with ‘Grand Stupid Thought’ to urging that ‘BJP shouldn’t be voted out for 100 years’, here are the highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Gujarat poll campaign on Wednesday.

Here are 10 things that Modi said:

1. In a stinging rebuttal of Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s criticism of the Goods and Services Tax, Modi said a recently emerged ‘economist’ was propagating a ‘grand stupid thought’ by suggesting a uniform GST rate of 18 per cent.

Taking a dig at the Nehru-Gandhi family, he added that those who looted the country for years can only think of dacoits

2. The PM raked up the issue of the Narmada dam, targeting the Nehru-Gandhi family for trying to scuttle the project and singing paeans to Sardar Patel. He said the Congress depended on the ‘hand-pump’ model, whereas the BJP relied on the Narmada model.

3. Modi also trained his guns at Rahul Gandhi’s (gujarat polls) visit to the Somnath Temple, saying that Nehru had opposed the temple’s reconstruction. “The land of the brave will not forgive those who acted against the Somnath Temple”, he said.

“When Sardar Patel took up the work of the reconstruction of the Somnath temple, Nehru was unhappy. Your great-grandfather Nehru wrote a letter to President Rajendra Prasad when he was to come for the opening ceremony of the temple,” the IANS quoted Modi as saying.

4. Taking a subtle dig at the Congress for its support of reservation for the Patel community, Modi called out the Congress’ double standards for blocking a Bill in Rajya Sabha that conferred constitutional status to the National Commission for Backward Classes. He said the NDA govt had allowed the Bill to be passed in the Lok Sabha but it got docked in the Rajya Sabha, where the Congress enjoyed a majority. Making a strong appeal to the Patidar community, he said that the BJP shouldn’t be voted out for the next 100 years…

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