UIDAI begins probe on breach of Aadhaar database, initiates FIR

UIDAI says Aadhaar not a secret number and biometric data was not leaked


The Unique Identification Authority of India has begun investigations into a report that claimed access to its database of identity details of more than a billion citizens was being sold for just Rs 500 on social media.

The report in The Tribune had said the paper was able to buy login credentials to the Aadhaar database, allowing it to access information such as the names, telephone numbers and addresses of millions of people. The paper said it bought access from someone on a WhatsApp group.

The authority said the case appeared to be an instance of misuse of the grievance redress search facility. “Legal action, including lodging of FIR against the persons involved in the case, is being pursued,” the UIDAI said, while ensuring there had not been any breach of the biometric database.

“The Aadhaar number is not a secret number. It is to be shared with authorised agencies whenever an Aadhaar-holder wishes to avail of certain services. But that does not mean that the proper use of the Aadhaar number poses a security or financial threat,” it said….Read more


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